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Heiseiya Japanese Cuisine



Japanese-style Light Meal, Japanese Cuis


East Nanjing Road Region・Huangpu
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Heiseiya Japanese Cuisine space Heiseiya Japanese Cuisine

The restaurant is easy of access with an elegant Japanese style environment. And its cuisines taste delicious!


The Japanese style pub(Japanese: izakaya)refers to the traditional Japanese pub which offers wine and meals. Its origin dates back to the Edo period. It is said that at first the proprietor of pub provided some simple home-cooked dishes to let customers enjoy the wine immediately in the restaurant after buying drinks. As time goes on, the Japanese style pub has gradually become a vital component of Japanese culture. The scenes of pub turn up regularly in Japanese movies and TV drama.
The wine is our unique feature, and you can enjoy over 30 kinds of famous wine of various regions of Japan.
Sake, is transliterated from Japanese. It is one kind of Japanese rice wine. Sake can stimulate the circulation of blood, maintain the skin and has the healing powers of an injury or inflammation.
Shochu: The Japanese Shochu is the less strong drink with an alcohol content of about 25%. While enjoying, you can add some boiling water, dried plum, lemons, oolong tea or soda water. The Japanese Shochu distilled primarily from grains is suitable for relaxed occasion.
Raki: It is the favourite of female customers. Here, the raki is also purely Japanese style and it can work up an appetite, promote health, improve looks and keep youthfulness.

Heiseiya Japanese Cuisine space Heiseiya Japanese Cuisine

It will give you a feeling of Japanese style.

Heiseiya Japanese Cuisine space Heiseiya Japanese Cuisine

The corridor is filled with Japanese wine.

Restaurant Information Last Updated:2014/02/07


上海市黄浦区广西北路245号1-2楼(近汉口路)  邮编 :200001
On the 1st-2nd Floor, No. 245 North Guangxi Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai (near Hankou Road) 〒200001

Traffic Advice

Bus No. 18、451、537、802、930People's Square Station (Fuzhou Road) Walking2 Minutes
Rail Transit Line 1,2,8StationExit No. 14 Walking5 Minutes



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Business hours

Lunch on Monday to Friday 11:30~14:00
Supper on Monday to Friday 17:00~24:00
Lunch on Saturday & Sunday 11:30~15:00
Dinner on Saturday & Sunday 18:00~24:00

Off day

No regular off days



Dress required


Average consumption

60 yuan

Total number of seats


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