zha yi qian yi pin liao li ri shi shao rou

SATSUICHIMAE Superior Cuisine Yakiniku

札一前一品料理 日式烧肉


Japanese Cuisines with Authentic ingredients


Longbai-Hongqiao Town・Minhang
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SATSUICHIMAE Superior Cuisine Yakiniku space SATSUICHIMAE Superior Cuisine Yakiniku

Deep-sea Sashimi Combination VS Extra Large Shrimp

We make available to you a very abundant variety of the “Deep-sea Sashimi Combination”, which is fresh every day and pleasant to the palate.

SATSUICHIMAE is located in top-grade office building on Hongmei Road--- the 3rd Floor of Taihao Building. It is a Japanese-Style Carbonado Restaurant mainly focusing on yakiniku and superior cuisines. In celebration of the opening of the new restaurant, you can enjoy all at 20% discount!


SATSUICHIMAE seems to be a common Japanese-Style Carbonado Restaurant, but it has two treasures out of the ordinary. The first is the fat and delicious “Extra Large Shrimp” which will flip your tooth a little bit and is about 25 centimeters long. This “Extra Large Shrimp” about three times as large as common prawn is rare delicacy in deep sea. The meat quality is tight, and would flip your tooth a little bit while enjoying it. The shrimp is very fresh and sweet, which is the good ingredients and generally only used in exclusive restaurants. Don't lose the chance to taste it if you like to eat shrimp. The second is Organic Vegetables which are fresh and delivered to our restaurant from farms every day. Organic Vegetables are also called “Ecological Vegetables”, and someone call it “doubly pure” food. They are better for the environment and healthy, and can bring perfection and harmony for ecological environment. They taste crispy and refreshing and convey a feeling of lasting freshness. You can feel their “vital force” while eating organic vegetables.

Moreover, SATSUICHIMAE prepared with great care for the abundant creative sushi to entertain guests. As the representative of Japanese Cuisines, it is amazing that the sushi is so popular around the world. The creative sushi also benefited from the global cultural fusion and sprang up quickly. The series of creative sushi are all added with ingredients such as cheese, besides the traditional foodstuff such as rice, dried purple seaweed, seafood and vegetables.

SATSUICHIMAE Superior Cuisine Yakiniku space SATSUICHIMAE Superior Cuisine Yakiniku

SATSUICHIMAE Superior Cuisine Yakiniku space SATSUICHIMAE Superior Cuisine Yakiniku

Restaurant Information Last Updated:2010/06/05


上海市闵行区虹梅路3211号泰豪大厦3楼(近程家桥支路)  邮编 :201103
On the 3rd Floor of Taihao Building, No. 3211 Hongmei Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (near Chengjiaqiao Side-road) 〒201103

Traffic Advice

Rail Transit Line 10 Longxi Road Station Exit No.1 Walking 12 Minutes
Bus No. 48 Hongmei Road Station Walking 5 Minutes



Reservation Availability

Not necessary

Business hours

Lunch 11:30~14:00
Dinner 17:30~22:00

Off day

No off day



Dress required


Average consumption

100 yuan

Total number of seats


Credit card

Union Pay