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Mei Ling Gong Hotel



A Gorgeous Delicacy Legend


Changfeng Region・Putuo
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Mei Ling Gong Hotel mainly deals in classical Huaiyang cuisines, exquisite Guangdong cuisines and new-school shanghai cuisines. It has achieved mastery through a comprehensive study of these styles of cooking and is forging ahead with innovation and creativity. It is subordinate to Yuexing Group which is one of the famous enterprises of furniture industry and lists among top 500 companies of private enterprises in China.


Mei Ling Gong Hotel is located in C Area of Bailian Zhonghuan Commercial Plaza with an area of business over 6000 square meters. It is decorated in American style and its grand hall admitting 600 people has a dignified appearance, splendid and imposing. The club house and compartments are very much more classical among thus brilliant magnificence.

Mei Ling Gong Hotel space Mei Ling Gong Hotel

Mei Ling Gong House-special Chicken

You can enjoy the distinctive dining service in many grand compartments.

Mei Ling Gong Hotel space Mei Ling Gong Hotel

It can accommodate up to over 400 people for dining and is a rare and prized place for wedding ceremony and banquet in Putuo district.

The House-special longevity turnip is braised with the white turnips specially produced by the longevity city, old hen and pork for 3 hours.

Restaurant Information Last Updated:2010/05/21


上海市普陀区真光路1326号中环百联C区月星家居广场4楼(近梅川路)  邮编 :200333
On the 4th Floor of Yuexing Home Plaza, C Area, Bailian Zhonghuan Commercial Plaza No. 1326, Zhenguang Road, Putuo District, Shanghai (near Meichuan Road) 〒200333

Traffic Advice

Bus No. 947、850、837 Zhenguang Road, Meichuan Road Station Minutes



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Business hours

Lunch 11:00~15:30
Dinner 17:00~21:00

Off day

No off day



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Average consumption

120 yuan

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