lan ting hua an gao dao wu dian

LANTEEN (at Takashimaya Shanghai)

蓝亭 华庵(高岛屋店)


An 80-year-old Japanese restaurant


Hongqiao Gubei Region・Changning
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LANTEEN (at Takashimaya Shanghai) space LANTEEN (at Takashimaya Shanghai)

"LANTEEN" Japanese Restaurant was firstly opened in Tokyo over 80 years ago. LANTEEN at Takashimaya Shanghai is the second restaurant of the brand in Shanghai.
LANTEEN has been well received by political and financial figures of Japan for years.
Come here to enjoy and taste the luxury and colorful Japanese Cuisine!


You will be impressed with LANTEEN even it's the first time you come here.
“You cannot find another Japanese restaurant that offers so colorful and various dishes!”
We offer various dishes - from Tempura and sushi to pot, reserved rice and pickled vegetables, and all of dishes are ready for you. In addition, the other feature of us that we have to say is "Imperial cuisine" - set out with a variety of delicate bowls. The small square box contains "regard of the head chef", “gorgeousness of Japanese cuisine" and “rich colors”. Once the dish is placed before you, you will be touched by it.
“Whatever you are old or young or foreigner, you will find dishes you like". Isn't LANTEEN just such restaurant?
If you live in Hongqiao area and don't want to izakaya by yourself, LANTEEN will be your best choice for daily dinner. Based on our service of high quality, strict sanitary control and sincerity, you will enjoy satisfactory cuisine and service in LANTEEN.

LANTEEN (at Takashimaya Shanghai) space LANTEEN (at Takashimaya Shanghai)

LANTEEN (at Takashimaya Shanghai) space LANTEEN (at Takashimaya Shanghai)

Restaurant Information Last Updated:2015/05/12


上海市长宁区虹桥路1438号高岛屋百货B1楼B1-005室(近红宝石路)  邮编 :200336
Room B1-005, B1, Takashimaya Shanghai, No. 1438, Hongqiao Road, Changning Road, Changning District, Shanghai (near to Hongbaoshi Road) 〒200336

Traffic Advice

Subway Line 10 Yili Road StationExit 3Walk 3 minutes



Reservation Availability


Business hours

Monday~Sunday 10:00~21:30

Off day

No off day



Dress required

Casual is OK

Average consumption

88 yuan

Total number of seats


Credit card

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